About 33Travels

33Travel is a passion project that seeks to help people who are looking to start a new life in a different country by getting them all the information they need.

It was founded in 2022 by entrepreneur Jake London and Canadian journalist Jaqueline Vega.

About Jake London

Jake London
Jake London

Hi! My name is Jake London and I’m the founder of 33Travels.

After the early and unexpected passing of my beautiful wife, Arleen in 2011, I decided to leave my engineering job, sell our house, and move out of Canada.

I have been on the road ever since living the nomad lifestyle and have had the chance to visit 8 different countries on my journey, including Brazil, Argentina, The United States, Greece, and Spain.

I created 33Travels to share all the knowledge I have accumulated over these years. Hopefully, it will help inspire someone to take the leap and join thousands of nomads on the road.

I currently live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

About Jaqueline Vega

Jaqueline Vega

I’m Jackie Vega, the chief editor of 33Travels.

I’ve been always captivated by different cultures, customs, and ways of living and experiencing the world.

After graduating with a History major I decided to embark on an adventure around the world as a foreign correspondent in Asia for a travel magazine. I’ve been traveling the world ever since and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet all kinds of people. I’d like to share my experience with the world and help make things easier for anyone who wants to set out to explore it.