Best Areas To Stay In Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is home to more than 5 million people. This makes it the second largest city in Mexico only surpassed by Mexico City and its 10+ million people. It was nicknamed La Perla de Occidente (“The Pearl of the West”) by the locals for being such a pleasant, beautiful city to live in.

It is a large city with lots of history, things to do, and sunny weather. It is located in the estate of Jalisco which is famous around the globe for its beautiful beaches, mariachi bands, and of course, for being the place where Tequila comes from.

Even though Guadalajara is not one of the most popular tourist destinations (you can see all the important places in the city on a weekend), lots of people use it as a home base to visit the rest of Jalisco.

But just like any large city, Guadalajara has good, safe areas, and bad areas that you probably want to avoid walking around after dark.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best areas to stay in Guadalajara. Whether you are in the city for business or pleasure, you will be able to find the one that fits your needs and that is going to make your visit a much better experience.

Best area to stay in Guadalajara

Best areas to stay in Guadalajara
Best areas to stay in Guadalajara

It is important to note that sometimes when people refer to “Guadalajara”, they include all of the metro area around it. This includes municipalities such as Zapopan, Tonala, Tlacomulco, and Tlaquepaque.

Here’s the thing. Some of those areas are not as safe or even urbanized. And even though they’ve seen growth and development in the last decade, I wouldn’t recommend you to stay there.

As you will probably notice, all of the neighborhoods that I’m going to recommend are on the western side of the city. Not only because they are the better parts of town, but because this also puts you in a better position to travel around the rest of Jalisco in case you want to visit Puerto Vallarta, Tequila, or other places.


Colonia Americana

Colonia means neighborhood and it refers to a group of blocks.

Colonia Americana is the trendiest area in Guadalajara. This is where you will find all the cool bars, restaurants, nightlife, co-working spaces, coffee shops, etcetera.

It is mostly a residential/commercial area with very few office spaces here and there. It is a pretty safe neighborhood that you walk around.

You will find lots of remote workers from all over the world living in Americana and hanging out at nearby establishments. If you have ever been to Mexico City, it will remind you of the same modern bohemian multicultural vibe of the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods.

If possible, look to stay in the Chapultepec or Niños Heroes avenues for optimal access to all the major streets and public transportation systems.

There is no shortage of hotels, Airbnb, and hostels so finding a place here shouldn´t be too hard.

If you are just going to Guadalajara to visit, this is probably the best neighborhood to stay.



Chapalita is on the outer edge of the city. It is a combination of a residential and office area. But its charm lies in its architecture. Chapalita still has many colonial-era buildings, churches, and statues. It is a neighborhood that mixes very well tradition with modern life.

This neighborhood is very likely the safest area in Guadalajara. And that is great news because it is the kind of neighborhood that you will enjoy exploring as it is clearly designed to walk around because you will find lots of green areas.

The food in the area is great. The selection is not as trendy as in Americana. You won´t find sushi or began spots. Instead, you will find lots of Mexican food from cheap street carts to high-end restaurants.

The coffees in the area are amazing too. If you decide to go here, make sure to stop by Breadway and Kaffeina.

There is not much nightlife in the area, you will have to go to Americana or Centro (downtown) for that.

I’d say Chapalita is a better fit for families or people going to Guadalajara for business.



Providencia is the high-end, luxury, residential area in the city. It is located in the westernmost part of the city away from all the noise and movement.

Here, you will mostly find big houses, condos, and gated communities. And not much beyond that besides a couple of good restaurants, spas, and even a golf course.

I want to make that clear, Providencia is extremely boring, so if you are on the younger side it is probably not a good fit for you. But if you are older and looking for a nice, quiet place to stay long-term, it can be a perfect fit. You will see many retired expats and older digital nomads around.

One thing to note about Providencia is that it is not entirely connected to the city’s public transportation system and it is not designed to be very walkable. If you choose to stay here you will definitely need a car.

The area is considerably more expensive than the rest of the city. It also feels a bit excluded. But Guadalajara is not so big that you will feel too far away from all the action.

Providencia is a great fit for people who are looking to stay in Guadalajara permanently or at least for a long time. It is a great place to live with a sense of community but it is not a good fit if you are just going to stay for a few days.


  • The best places to stay in Guadalajara are Colonia Americana, Chapalita, and Providencia
  • There are many hotels and things to do around Centro, but the area is not safe at night so it is not included
  • The best area to stay in is going to depend on the type of visit, age, etc.